You can instantly send SMS worldwide directly from your program or web application.
Not any contract is necessary.
It's so simple:
  • Get key:
  • Send SMS:  
L = URLEncode ( your login name in our system )

A = authentication - MD5( "send_external" + key + your password + "md5_authentification" )

N = URLEncode ( telephone number in international form - 00xxxxxxxx )

M = URLEncode ( your message )

If your SMS message was send successfully - you receive following answer:
(This answer is sent in pure text form - lines are separated by \n not by <br>...)
SMS_QUANTITY=   number of SMS
PRICE=   price of this SMS bulk
CREDIT_BEFORE=   your credit before SMS sending
CREDIT_AFTER=   your actual credit after SMS sendig
If your SMS message was not send correctly - you can get one of these error messages:

ERR_AUTH    - if your authentication string A is not correct
ERR_WRONG_NUMBER    - telephone number is not in valid format
ERR_CREDIT - unsufficient credit
ERR_MSG_TOO_LONG - message is too long
ERR - unspecified error

Other external commands you can find here
If you have any problem, don't hesitate to contact us.


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