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Here are some files
to facilitate usage of our API

SMS-sender for Androind. (version 1.10.33 - released: 14/7/2014)
This program is suitable for all kind of Android devices running either Android 2.xx or Android 4.xx.
Sending SMSs via our gateway and supports all our features and prices.
Installation: is so easy...
   - Open this web-page using your device where you wish the application should be installed.
   - Download the APK file by clicking on this link.
   - Launch the APK file at your device and confirm installation at your device.
   - After successful installation the application is instantly ready to be used.

SMS-sender for iPhone and Windows 8
For Windows 8, all kind of appliances, the application will be ready soon.
Unfortunately, for iPhone the Apple Store force us to pay some licence fee (yearly) which does not suits with
our pricing policy.
Therefore we are expecting to release the version for iPhone at the moment when it is economically feasible.
Please contact us in case you are interested for the iPhone version.We will do our best to fulfil the needs of
our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

SMSsender (Java) - Program for sending SMS from your PC (v 1.01) (released 1/1/2014)

Description of the API (lastly updated on 17/12/2013)

Libraries instantly ready to be incorporated into your PHP software

Libraries in Java, plus the program for instat sending from the command line

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